cloud computing healthcare industry

Cloud Computing in the Healthcare Industry Pros and Cons: 2019 Edition

Cloud computing in the healthcare industry is a booming market. One recent report projected the market to grow from 2018 to 2022 by more than $16 billion. The reason why so many healthcare providers are making the switch to the cloud is because it offers enormous benefits, including: Cost savings; Better data organization; Predictive data…

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big data business intelligence

How to Get the Most from Your Big Data with Business Intelligence

Big data facilitates big ideas. When you use big data and business intelligence (BI) in tandem, you can improve the quality of your data analysis and reach important growth milestones faster and more efficiently. Statista surveyed 65 Fortune 1,000 companies that had recently implemented new big data and business intelligence strategies. Nearly 80 percent of…

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companies that use business intelligence

5 Influential Companies that Use Business Intelligence

Some of the most successful companies in the world use business intelligence (BI). It helps them operate more efficiently, report higher average revenue, and make more informed strategic decisions based on accurate data analysis. There are five companies in particular that have used BI in innovative ways recently: Amazon Starbucks Netflix YES BANK American Express…

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